Welcome to Portland, the crown of the Great South West Coast, and welcome to the Mariner Motel, where we offer you the best, quietest rooms of any Motel in Portland.


You will love our handy location. All facilities are within walking distance, and we are ideally situated for students of the local TAFE and the Professional Diving Services dive school.



Literally 100 metres from our front door you can find the Portland Bay lighthouse with its perfect position above the cliffs to see whales as they travel in from their feeding grounds at the great southern ocean and the Bonney upwelling. You might get lucky and see calves and breaching whales.


Walk a little further down the road to find the popular Nuns Beach, a treasure that the locals would love to keep for themselves. Great limestone cliffs back the calm waters, with a view of the boats coming into and out of the harbour and the unique Corkscrew Tower.



If fishing is your thing you’ll find our brand new marina just within the breakwater. During tuna fishing season you can take out one of the charter boats and try your hand at bringing in the biggest tuna in the world, or watch the boats as they arrive, surrounded by seals and rays trying to get their share of the catch before it is filleted on the tables right there at the waters edge.


If you don’t want to do this all be foot you can take the antique cable trams that travel up and down the coast, with tour guides on board to show you all the sights of the town. The Motor museum, the water birds of Fawthrop Lagoon, the croquet fields in amongst the roses in the botanical gardens, the fresh fish and chips served at the marina, the festivals, the music, the food!


And that’s just before you leave town!

Get your hiking boots on and take in as much or as little as you can manage of the Great South West Walk, an epic nature hike which takes you down the coast past the gannet and seal colonies, Cape Nelson lighthouse (see the movie filmed there), Discovery bay, the petrified forest, the mysterious enchanted forest, the epic scenery of the blowholes, all the way to the mighty Glenelg River. You can try one of the fifteen short walks or try your hand at the entire epic 250km journey. There are people on Facebook to help, and you can find all the information you need at the Portland Visitors Center.

Speaking of diving, the local professional dive school has enthusiastic experts familiar with all the wonderful SCUBA diving sites in the area.